Grants Whisky

Grants story begins in 1887 on Christmas day, when the first drops of his fantastic whisky were produced. It had taken 20 years for him to acquire the expertise to run a distillery and raise the funds to create his dream. Business started slow, until William hired his son in law who was a determined profession door to door sales man. A year later Williams’s son Charles, decided to ship William Grants Whisky to the Hudson Bay Company of Canada and went on a year trip to Australia and the far east to raise awareness of the whisky.

Sales begun to grow quickly in 1914, as they had 60 representatives in 30 different countries. Today Grants sells 54millions bottles each year in over 180 countries making Grants Whisky one of the most enjoyed whiskies in the world.

Grants owns a number of grain and malt distilleries in Scotland, including the second largest grain distillery at Girvan located on the west coast. At the Girvan distillery they use Vacuum distillation at a lower temperature which produces a famously light grain whisky that allows the character and sweetness of the malt whiskies to come through.

When it comes to aging and letting them mature, Grants have a range of different oak casks they use, from sherry casks from Spain, bourbon casks from America and previously unused, virgin oak casks.

More Information
Strength (ABV)40%
BrandWilliam Grants
PresentationGLASS BOTTLE
Limited EditionNo
Gluten FreeNo