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Mineral Water

Created in 2019 in The Netherlands (Holland), Soft Drinks Nederland BV  is a global wholesale distributor of Confectionary Products, alcoholic beverages, beer, Champagnes, Vodka, mineral water, spirits and wines. With 4 centrally located warehouses across the Netherlands, we always have available stock ready for distribution

As a global Wholesale Distribution Company, we purchase directly from Suppliers dealing directly with Manufacturers such as Heineken, Redbull and Coca cola, just to name a few. With our efficient logistics department, we also offer direct manufacturer to client orders without necessarily passing through our warehouses.

We carry a wide assortment with currently over 900 SKU’s of the world’s most desirable liquor brands, among our direct and indirect partners we consider leading brand companies, including: Diageo, Pernod Ricard, Campari, Jägermeister, Heineken, Shin Group, Pepsi, Nestle.

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Purchase and logistics have been centralized and operated from our head office and excise warehouse in The Netherland. Locally we operate warehousing in Amsterdam. From the different locations our products are consolidated and transported fastest to our customers across the globe.Kindly note we do not keep a huge stock as clients always want fresh products with a longer shelflife.

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