Black Queen Vodka

Black Queen Vodka” differentiates itself from all other vodkas in many ways.

Firstly, its dark and mysterious color captures ones attention. It is a worlds 1st vodka that is naturally dark. Designers have placed their faith in unique know-how. In order to do so, they have conceived a special production unit at a distillery that has the reputation of being one of the best in the world. A new Filtering process, which is a real technological innovation, guarantees a level of quality and consistency that have rarely been achieved in the past.

This very special property comes with a surprisingly round-bodied flavor due to the design process that brings out the very height of precision. Due to stringent selection of the raw materials purified spring water as well as first grade wheat – the contours of this black gem are quite literally polished. The potential for flavor and aroma of the “Black Queen” ensures that the tasting doors are thrown wide open for her. She envisages herself both pure and endowed with the numerous combinations of qualities, which the mixologists will find to attribute to her.

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