Chase Voka

Chase potato vodka is created from pure English potatoes taken from chases own farm located right next to the distillery. To create the vodka Chase started with nothing other than his fantastic potatoes. The process that Mr Chase decided on for making his potato vodka is very unique.

The process began with fermenting the potatoes down to a spirit which is then distilled a total of 5 times using batch pot stills. Although this process does not get all the alcohol out the potatoes it does give the vodka more character.

Next is removing the impurities from the vodka, this involves heating the vodka in using Chases 42 bubble plate’s technique. This technique allows the water vapour from the vodka to pass through each individual plate until it reaches the top of the cylinder where it condenses. The reason behind doing this process is to leave all the impurities of the vodka behind and only have the pure water vapour rise. This process is repeated 3 times with each time the spirit getting purer.

After the distillation process finishes then you are left with 3 different batches of spirit, the head the heart and the tail. The heart is the good spirit and this batch is taken through the entire 42 bubble plate process again ending up with a spirit at 96% ABV. The spirit is then diluted with pure water that is taken from the aquifer underneath the orchard to around 50% ABV. Then it is time for chill filtering which is done to remove any other impurities in the vodka and then more pure water from is added to turn the ABV to 40% and it is now pure clean vodka, worthy of William Chase putting his name on the bottle and calling it Chase Vodka.

This whole process has allowed Chase Vodka to be named ‘the best vodka in the world’ at the San Francisco World Spirit Championship 2010.


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