La Traversee

La Traversee Terrasses du Larzac 2011

15 odd years ago my mate Baker and his mate Gav thought it sounded like a super idea to buy a dilapidated old vineyard and cellars in an obscure part of the South of France and set off making wine. ‘Sounds sick’ I said ‘slate, gres, volcanic and chalk soils, ancient gnarly bush vines and an old cellar straight from the Tourisme Languedoc… sounds like a winemaking utopia. Obviously, I was just being a good human, that said not long after when he told me it was that bad of a drive into Montpellier for a weekend on the Armagnac with the plethora of students frothing about, I did start to somewhat see the light. I think we sold about 4 bottles in the last year, until we channelled a bit of High Fidelity and Brad got it on the Pour in Gilbert St and ‘Voila’ as Baker and Gav in their little woollen Caps would say.