Cobra Energy Drinks

Soft Drinks Netherlands BV is a solid and reputed international wholesaler and trader located in Armsterdam, The Netherlands. We buy and sell fast moving consumer drinkable goods to a host of markets worldwide. We deal with A-brand luxury products focusing on Mineral water, beers, Whisky,Soft drinks, Energy drinks & Vodka drinks.

Cobra Energy Drink Online. Cobra Energy Drink contains safe levels of caffeine and sugar as stimulants for instant energy boost and mental alertness.

Cobra Energy Drinks
-Available in 250ml,330ml,500ml Pet Bottles.
-Packing: 24 x 250 ml Cans
-32 pallets in 40 ft container
-26 pallets per 20 ft container
-24 cans in each tray
-108 trays in each pallet
-Multiple customized languages Avaialble.

-Multiple Flavors Available

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