Tuffers' Tipple

All three of Tuffers’ new red Tipples are featured in this superb red case! There is a stunning Grenache from the French Pays d’Oc region, a full and fruity Tempranillo with gentle spice, and a Margaret River Shiraz that’s full of rich berry aromas.

One of six wines from former English cricketer Phil Tufnell, or Tuffers as he is also known, which consists of three whites and three reds.

The French region of Cotes de Gascogne provides plenty of examples of quaffable fruity Sauvignon Blancs – the French hypermarkets near the Channel ports are stocked with great value 3-litre winebox versions of this wine and media personalities like to choose it for their ranges too. Singer Kylie Minogue’s version at £9 from Morrisons is £3 cheaper and similar style with lemon freshness plus apple and melon fruitiness. But then her version only has her signature on the bottle label while Tuffer’s (or should that be Tuffers’? Even sellers Virgin Wines isn’t sure) version has stylised pictures of the cricketer on the label. The choice is yours.