Beluga Vodka

Beluga Vodka is Russia’s number one selling premium vodka. It is malt based vodka that is produced in line with traditions dating back over 100 years. This traditional way of making vodka means that Beluga benefit from an all natural fermentation process, unlike other grain spirits that require chemical additives. It uses pure Serbian water and it is capped with a white cork and wax sealed to preserve its superb quality and taste. As a result of this, Beluga is all natural, environment friendly vodka that is produced without using any modified additives. It is pure, clean, crisp vodka that is made to be drunk straight as the Russians would.

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More Information
Size 700ml
Strength (ABV) 40%
Brand Beluga
Presentation GLASS BOTTLE
Country Russia
Vodka Type Pure
Limited Edition No
Organic No
Gluten Free No